Whatever happened to Tuttle?

 A question that drifted into my head as I was thinking about the ‘task’ that Stephen McInness recently challenged his blog readers to.  I thought about artists who had at some point used twigs and branches in their work and Tuttle came to mind.  Happy to report that he is as active as ever…indeed his ‘Section’ series is challenging Stephen for endless invention!  I have always admired his work, not least for the unswerving commitment to abstraction and originality and a willingness to put any and all materials to use in the service of his art.  He had a few years of profile here in the UK but then the fickle ‘scene’ moved on and in the art schools I seriously doubt he’s ever mentioned to the current generation.  More’s the pity. My first encounter with him was a stained canvas octagonal in the ‘When Attitudes Become Form’ at the ICA in 1969 or 70 and it completely revised my idea of what painting might be (indeed that show made me rethink everything that art might be).  This came a year after I’d been blown away by Frank Stella’s black stripe pictures as part of a ‘Minimalism’ show at the Tate I think (The Art Of The Real?).

 I’m off to the studio, maybe have some fun today away from the tyranny of the ‘Deadly Delicious’ series, as a homage to Tuttle!  Taking my stick to paint as well…Image


7 thoughts on “Tuttle

  1. Hi David, Rachael Pinks is ready to pass the Long Series box on. I think I recall your mentioning interest, and would you still be interested in taking part?
    Thank you

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